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Gerovita - For years anti-aging products of this kind were only available to the very rich, film stars, head of state and presidents of rich, powerful countries; the reason being that the cost of having this anti aging treatment was prohibitive to the ordinary individual. The GH3 therapy, which is in tablet form, is now available for those people who want to look and feel young and healthy into advancing years at a price they can afford.

"Every month I am more amazed with the antiaging results - after giving Gerovita G.H.3 to 50 patients and taking it himself for several months - they are not only very significant physical improvements, but mental and emotional ones as well". Dr. Albert Simard, Member of the American Medical Association.

Dr. Aslan's Gerovita anti aging therapy may eliminate the fear of senility and the unproductive existence of people attaining advanced age. Everyone has the right to live longer, enjoy life, view life with happiness, be free of senility, and free themselves of the tensions of aging. The aging people can overcome the fears of advancing age, dependence on their children, charity or sanitariums. Cell regeneration and the regeneration of damaged tissues would retard the negative aspects' of the aging process. Gerovital H3 could very well be the breakthrough long sought by medical science in its continuous fight against aging, and the ailments and diseases associated with advanced age that afflict the human body.

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